MicroType Multimedia


Name of package: Micro Type Multimedia
Vendor Name: South Western Educational  Publishing
Vendor Toll Free Phone Number: 1-800-354-9706
Grade Level: 4-8
Subject-Area: Business Education, Keyboarding
Drill and Practice: yes
Educational Game: yes
Macintosh: yes
Intel PC/Windows: yes						
Needed: 8 MB Required, 16 MB recommended 
Type of
Monitor: any
Printer?: any
(hard, 3.5, CD): None
Other-Peripherals: Keyboard, Mouse
Instructional Purpose: The purpose of this software is to teach student 
how to
  use a keyboard.  It begins by teaching the keys on the home row, then 
  progresses so that all keys, symbols, and numbers are used.  The 
software also
  has many great drills that will help students to reinforce what they 
use: A teacher would use this software mostly to reinforce students' 
  skills.  Teachers would initially teach students proper techniques on 
  own, however this software is perfect for drill and practice.
Objectives Met: yes
Vocabulary Appropriate: yes
Content Accurate: yes
Free of Bias: yes
Learner in Control: yes
Proper Reinforcement: yes
Self-Directed: yes
Appropriate Sequencing: yes
Student Record Keeping: yes
Disk Crash Safeguard: yes
No Distracting
Sounds/Visuals: partially
Animation/Sound/Graphics Effective: yes
Uncluttered Screen: yes
Material Clearly Presented: yes
Easy Program to Load: yes
Simple Screen Directions: yes
On-screen Help: yes
Tutorial Manual: yes
Easy Printer Setup: yes
Strengths: This software has awesome exercises that will help students 
  keyboarding.  It keeps track of student progress so teachers can 
assess how
  each student is performing on their exercises.  The software even has 
fun games
  that can make keyboarding more entertaining to students. 
Instructional videos
  and 3-d effects give the students helpful hints about proper posture 
and keying
Weaknesses: Many teachers will assume that the software can teach the 
  to type on its own.  Teachers must teach the students proper methods 
  then they can use the software to reinforce the skills that they have 
  learned.  This software is good, but it should not be used as a 
substitute for
There are also some distracting sounds, but they can be turned off with 
  volume control.
Recommendation: very good
Comments: I like this software very much.  I especially like the 
  reports that it will generate to help determine student progress.  
  keyboarding teacher should make sure to get this software.