Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts Degree Program

College of Education

University of South Carolina


Revised March 2009

This program is designed for undergraduate students at the University of South Carolina who are interested in a career as an elementary school teacher. Students who successfully complete the degree requirements and have a positive recommendation by the faculty are eligible to apply for grades 2 through 6 teacher certification with the South Carolina Department of Education.  Click here to see a list of faculty members affiliated with the B.A. program in Elementary Education.


Student Responsibility

The College of Education faculty and staff go to great lengths to provide students all of the information that is necessary to complete its undergraduate programs in a clear and timely manner. However, it is the student's responsibility to thoroughly read all of the information available in handouts, on the College's web site, and in the USC On-line Bulletin. Likewise it is the student's responsibility to maintain accurate and current address, phone and e-mail information both with the Office of Student Affairs in the College of Education, and with the Office of the Registrar.


Any exceptions to the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements in elementary education must be submitted in writing to the Office of Student Affairs, and until and unless a student has received a written response in the affirmative, the exception does not exist.


Electives and University Placement Tests

Incoming freshmen are required to take placement tests in math and in a foreign language. The results of the tests determine specific placement in courses in the two areas. Some students who do not score well in math may find that they are required to enroll in a basic college math course, MATH 111. The B.A. degree in elementary education requires math courses at a higher minimum level, MATH 122. Accordingly, students should expect that any courses required by placement tests are in addition to those in the elementary education degree requirements. With careful planning, students are able to use a course such as MATH 111 to satisfy three of the nine hours of elective study in the elementary degree program.


Likewise, students scoring lower than a two on the foreign language placement test are required to satisfactorily complete equivalent study of foreign language at USC. If required to enroll in foreign language courses, students should be aware that these hours are in addition to the elementary education degree requirements. With careful planning the foreign language courses can be used as electives.


South Carolina Teacher Loan Program (TLP)

Under the current guidelines, South Carolina residents may be eligible to apply for the TLP during the four years of your baccalaureate degree program in the College of Education. Please be advised that you must meet the Praxis I, SAT, or ACT testing requirement for eligibility. Students are advised to take the Praxis I in their first semester of enrollment for earliest consideration if SAT or ACT requirement is not met. For more information: www.scstudentloan.org



Student Advisement Guide/Handbook




Typical Program for Elementary Level B.A. Degree Candidate


Elementary B.A. Program of Study Degree Candidate Worksheet


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