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NCTE publishes Reading Assessment: Artful Teachers/Successful Students

NCTE publishes Reading Assessment: Artful Teachers/Successful Students – a book edited by College of Education Professor Dr. Diane Stephens who highlights contributions from several USC faculty and South Carolina teachers. This endeavor is truly a collaborative, statewide, USC-public school partnership. Via case studies and classroom portraits, Stephens and colleagues explore how artful pre-K–5 teachers come to know their students through assessment and use that knowledge to customize reading instruction.

College faculty who co-wrote chapters are Drs. Diane DeFord, Amy Donnelly, Pamela Jewett, Tasha Laman, Julia Lopez-Robertson, Heidi Mills, Lucy Spence and Jennifer Wilson. They collaborated with teachers Ryan Brunson (Hampton 1), Erika Cartledge (Lexington 5), Tammy Yvonne Spann Frierson (Richland 2), Timothy O'Keefe (Richland 2), Amy Oswalt (Lexington 5), doctoral student Hope Reardon (Charleston), Louise Ward (Richland 1, retired), and Kristy Wood (Hampton 1). In addition, one of the chapters was co-written by a former College of Education doctoral student Dr. Robin Cox, Instructional Specialist for Elementary ELA and Reading Intervention in Lexington District 5, who collaborated with Sandy Pirkle Anfin (Lexington 5). The four case studies were compiled by Lexington District 5 reading interventionists – Anne Downs, Lee Riser, Beth Sawyer, and Kathy Vickio. All of these authors contributed to the annotated bibliography as did six more Lexington District 5 reading interventionists – Jennie Goforth, Lisa Jaegar, Ashley Matheny, Kristi Plyer, Tara Thompson and Cindy Wilcox.

Throughout the book, the educators profiled—classroom teachers, reading specialists, and literacy coaches—work together to take personal and professional responsibility for knowing their students and ensuring that every child becomes a successful reader. The teachers detail the assessment tools they use, how they make sense of the data they collect, and how they use that information to inform instruction.

NCTE profiles Reading Assessment: Artful Teachers/Successful Students in its Books in the Principles in Practice imprint series under the Literacy Assessment strand. This strand offers teachers concrete illustrations of effective classroom practices based in NCTE research briefs and policy statements. Like the other books in the Literacy Assessment strand, Reading Assessment is based on the IRA–NCTE Standards for the Assessment of Reading and Writing, Revised Edition, which outlines the elements of high-quality literacy assessment. These educators illustrate how to put standards into action within actual classroom practices. They talk about research in practical, teacher-friendly language and offer teachers possibilities for rethinking their own practices in light of the ideas presented in this book.

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